welcome to my commission page :>


General t.o.s

  • I am allowed to refuse a commission for any reason

  • Characters with complicated designs and tiny details will be simplified unless an extra payment is done

  • Payment is done only done via Paypal

  • Payment prices can be discused but i wont start your commission until I get a payment

  • Currently I do not work with deadlines

  • You can track the commission process from my Trello list


  • Base commissions are for personal usage only. You can use and modify the product as long as its not used to make money. (profile pictures, wallpapers,videos,thumnails,prints for personal usage, etc)

  • I will give you permission to make merch and profit from the commission with an extra fee (listed in the commission prices info)

  • I retain all rights to my art unless stated otherwise

  • You may only reupload my artwork if you give credit to me as the artist

  • You may commission me or another artist to upgrade/finish your commission or even work on it yourself


  • I require a digitally image of your character as reference

  • If you want a specific aesthetic, style, clothing, design (or anything in particular) i sugest to leave image references of such, this will help me to make something more closely to what you want

  • I do not color pick from references even if they are digital images, please let me know if you want me to colorpick the exact same colors from the reference pictures

  • I am allowed to charge extra or even refuse to do any changes to a finished commission, given that these changes need to be done due to a lack of commission information provided by you

  • your commission can take from one week to two months depending on the type and complexity of your commission


  • Refunds are not possible once the drawing has been finished

  • During any other stage of the commission, you’ll receive a percentage of the original commission price back, based on the status of completion (eg. if the piece is only 25% done, you'll receive 75% of the money back)

  • If the commission is canceled on my behalf, due to any reason, you'll receive a full refund as well as a file of the progress that I have made, if there is any


Prices varies depending on resolution and details

ICONS - 10$

from 700 to 999 pixels+0$
from 1000-2000 pixels+3$
2000 pixels or more +5$
max price for extra charcater details+5$
comercial use righs+10$

Simple Illustration - 30$

from 1000-2000 pixels+0$
2000 pixels or more +10$
max price for extra charcater details+20$
comercial use righs+20$

Feel free to ask on the commission form or my DMs if something is not in this list

Will do

  • Original Characters

  • Fanart

  • Light gore

  • Suggestive themes

  • Shitpost

won't do

  • Hate Messages

  • Fetishes

  • Cuestionable Content